projection truth trilogy

The Universal Truth by Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary

projection truth trilogy

Part 1: Universe and Reason

K. R. Chaudhary

Well known Science writer in 'Gujarat Samachar'

"Secrets of God and Human creation are decoded in this seven dimensional journey of salvation. This modern science edition of Upanishads ranging from physics, mathematics, philosophy and invisible spiritual science is as complicated as 'Inception' and 'The Matrix' but must say it is beyond Stephen Hawking's narrations of universe in 'A Brief History of Time'."

Bhaven Kachchhi

Renowned columnist and journalist in 'Gujarat Samachar'

"A 26 years old boy, born in a small town of Kheralu and brought up in Palanpur writes such a deep meaningful book in English. How great surprise this is! Really, Kaushik has done a huge thing in small age."

'Padma shree' Gunvant Shah

An award winning author and celebrated collumnist

On the first day God started creation, on the second day he created this, on the third day he differentiated this from that, and on the seventh day he went to rest. This is what Western civilization is introduced to. But...


A Re-launch of Upanishads by Rebooting Modern Science

Preface :  How I knew it?

Foreword : Vivekananda's Quote

The Need for a Unified Science : 

Stephen Hawking's quote



"IT'S NOT A CREATION... IT'S A PROJECTION THROUGH EXPRESSION : A Re-launch of Upanishads by Rebooting Modern Science" is the first part of the most revolutionary Projection theory by an Indian Darshnik (A realizer of truth) Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary.  After 1500 years of Shankaracharya's re-writing of Upanishads, Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary has re-launched the Upanishads in the modern era with the language and logic of modern science in this first part as "Universe and Its Reason". The book is launched by honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat state Shrimati Anandiben Patel and State Home Minister of India Shri Haribhai Chaudhary. Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary has presented a remarkable theory connecting physics and the Samkhya philosophy of Upanishads and overthrowed the giant problems of physics that have been unanswered from the time of Albert Einstein.

The most acclaimed scientist of the world, Stephen Hawking, has said that we have fractured the science in plenty of theories and branches. And so, it will be almost impossible for us to reach the goal, if the universe would be working under any single fundamental purpose. We need an ultimate 'unified science' which can describe the universe all in one go. And this book is the first ever revelation in the human history about the same 'unified science', derived from the fundamentals of Upanishads. The theory collaborates all the existing sciences including physics, biology, metaphysics, neurology, psychology and spirituality in a continuous process and gives a clear scientific answer to why we humans are here on this earth. According to the book, human is a live wormhole which tries to attain the singularity and that singularity is nothing else but the so called salvation of human life. Dr. Chaudhary has claimed that human is a final hope for this expanding universe because of its wormhole like structure which is the greatest tool to resist the expansion of universe. 

The book is available in the stores across 150 countries of the globe through INGRAM distribution and together with the thousands of readers the book has reached in the hands of some greatest legends in the field of Science and spirituality, like; Prof. Stephen Hawking, Prof. Michio Kaku, Dr. K Radhakrishnan (Former ISRO Chairman and the incharge of Indian Moon Mission), Dr. G Madhavan Nair (Former ISRO Chairman), His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Late. Dr. Abdul Kalam, Tom Hanks, Richard Gere, Julia Roberts and Dr. Subramanian Swami. Prof. Hawking has shown a keen interest to read the book in due course. It is a great chance for all of us to unite the human race on the ground of this unified science and give a clear scientific answer of why it is here on this planet.

The Upanishad Trust Publication of Baroda, which is known for publishing the Osho's books in Gujarati, has shown interest for the Gujarati language rights of Projection Truth Trilogy. Dr. Chaudhary is the first author except Osho who is going to be published by Upanishad Trust. 

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projection truth trilogy

Part 3: Future and Goal

projection truth trilogy

Part 2: History and Lesson

Sample Chapters of "It's not a creation... it's a projection through expression"

Let's Begin the Journey Towards Final Truth Right Here...

"A scientist finds it a book of philosophy and a philosopher finds it a book of astrophysics. Really, this book establishes an outstanding union between science and philosophy, with an exciting ride of cosmos."

'Padma shree' Devendra Patel

Renowned Journalist and author of an award winning book "Israel - The Land of Bible" 

""Why we are here on this Earth?" Finally, this panic question of human world comes to an ultimate end with this book. Every intellectual must read this book, if he or she is intelligent enough."

Dr. g. madhavan nair

Former Chairman of Indian Space Research Center (ISRO)

"Kaushik has made a wonderful attempt in summarizing the origin of universe, its current status and potential future course. Perhaps, putting bit and pieces from Vedanta, a parallel can be drawn on the concert of primordial egg and Big Bang. These thoughts have not progressed much in Indian continent from almost  2000 years now. Fortunately, Kaushik has taken that important initiative with this book." 


He came back to the practical world then and after four years' terrible hard work, he developed a theory of Projection truth in three parts where he revealed all the darkest secrets of human existence in a firm scientific approach.  The first part of the Projection Truth Trilogy names "It's not a creation, It's a projection through expression" is now in the stores across 150 countries of the globe and creating buzz in the readers' brain about this new 'Darshan' of the truth. Today, with the age of just 27 years, Kaushik has questioned the ways of modern science in exploring the truth and has brought Upanishads in the mainstream of modern science with this book. Before his spiritual realizations, Kaushik was trying to convince the film producers of India for his intellectual film scripts about the social reforming of human society. But for three years, he got only one answer that his projects are much ahead than time and they can be suitable for Hollywood audience only. During this time he went through those spiritual realizations in his internship year of graduation and from there he left the contacts of Bollywood Industry and went to Belur just after the completion of BDS. Still today, he is a member of the Film Writer Association of India where his many intellectual film scripts are registered.  He has also acted and directed some theatre plays. Currently, he is running his private dental clinic and writes a weekly column in the No. 1 News Paper of Gujarat state namely Gujarat Samachar. His column 'Projector' gives his ideas about social reforming in Indian society according to the morals of Upanishads.

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Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary is an enlightened Darshnik and a spiritual physicist in India, in addition to his profession of a dental surgeon. After passing through series of spiritual realizations, Kaushik had renounced the practical world once in his younger life and spent several days at Belur Math. But within somedays he realizes that until the human's logics are not satisfied with a clear scientific answer of why he is on the earth, nothing is going to be changed even after the eruption of millions of new religions.

Dr. kaushik chaudhary

the author

PART 1 : Universe and Reason



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