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"The Exodus of Homo Sapience and Rise of Vedic Civilization". 

Coming the Earth...        December 2016

This book is a modern conclusion of the human history narrated in Rig Veda which exposes some of the greatest secrets about Human's true beginning on earth. We will know - How did the human come to existence in Africa? How did he try to find paths to go out of Africa? Towards which direction the first group of Homo Sapience did march to go out of Africa? What had happened to them?  How they died of? When and where did the humans take second exodus from Africa?  Who was Manu or Noah and from where did he save the human civilization of that time? Which was that place where the flood had come? Which was that place where Golden age (Sat-Yuga) was lived and where the original sin was done?  How Vedic civilization came to existence and how gradually the split of civilizations did happen from the Vedic civilization? Why Bible had shown the beginning of world so near at 4000 BC? Who were Aryans and who were Greeks? Who was Abraham? Who were the Egyptians who built Pyramids? Where Jesus had spent his 18 years from 12 to 30 years of age? What was the greatness of Vedic civilization in subjects of physics, mathematics, astrology, Medical Surgeries and Spiritual Advait Philosophy of Upanishads? How the myth of Aryan Invasion Theory was built and why? How the theory of Aryan Invasion Theory was being vanished after more and more archeological evidences? What was the true story of Aryans and Dravidians? What will be the future of human civilization...? Will human civilization learn its lesson from the history? Will human civilization be able to walk on the path for which it is projected in the Universe...?

After giving the final scientific answers about the goal of universe and reason behind human existence in first part of Projection Truth Trilogy, this second part illustrates the history of human race on earth. In first part, we have understood that human is the greatest trump card in fulfilling the Universe's goal of being a singularity. And if Human is so important in this universe, we have to re-look his history on earth that what he has done for that purpose and what he has not. How much he has understood the purpose of his existence and how much he has wondered in the darkness of Ignorance. And that we will do in this second part.

In the first part, we have seen that whole universe has come out from a singularity.  In this book, we will see that all the civilizations of the present world have also come out from a single common civilization lived at the coast of River Saraswati, just after Human's exodus from Africa. That civilization was the Vedic civilization. In first part, we proved that we all the humans are sharing a common truth. And in this second part, we will prove by all the archeological, scriptural and genetic evidences that we are not just sharing a common truth but we are sharing a common origin too. All our civilizations and cultures have been differentiated from that common civilization and that's why all the present cultures contain the traces of Vedic civilizations. The whole theory of this book is built on Stephen Oppenheir and Bradshaw foundation's much accepted theory of Human migration out of Africa.

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