projection truth trilogy

Striking The History

December 2017

When God leaves his expectations from the Human and starts his extinction...

When human is not ready to leave his perversions even at the gate of extinction...

Universe chooses a savior to give the human race a New Beginning... 

Be Ready for the future civilization in...

Projection Truth Trilogy Part 3

The Next Manvantar

A Novel

God gave repeated chances to bring human race on the path for which she was projected. But human had slipped on the way of his individual lust and ambitions. He never listened to the universe which was telling him to pay his huge role in the goal of universe. But human was deaf. And for that, he paid price. Universe did the same thing what he had done with its previous creations when they had become of no use. It started human extinction.

Year 2050, Earth...

Not a single human child is born from last 20 years on Earth. The human society has become ruthless and out of control in frustration of their forthcoming end. There are violence and war everywhere. In such a horrible time, a lady is trying to convince the Indian Government to call his husband back, who had warned governments 30 years before about the same conditions. He had told that the direction of modern science was going towards the extinction of human race. He had tried to say by his books that the real goal of science was to find the reason behind human existence but the science had slipped on the path of building higher and higher  technologies to make the human life comfortable. And this technologies had disturbed human's adaptation with nature. The man (lady's husband) was rewarded and awarded by governments for his thoughts but none of them tried to follow his instructions. Human world was not ready to leave its luxury and was busy with its selfish goal.  In the frustration of this, the man had renounced the practical life and was living in a Ashram in Himalaya region. But now, after 30 years, the government choices to call him back and follow his ideas as the final hope to avoid extinction. The man comes back and executes his ideas with the help of government. The violence starts to be decreased and people are convinced to follow the right path for which universe had projected them.

But after first good result, when the world is celebrating the success, the man comes to face a hidden fact. He gets a clear idea that with a very first sign of resurrection of human race, the perversions of human world had also come back. Human was not awakened, it was just a damage control behavior by the human world. He understands that the world will work the same way as it was working previously. And here he choices a different way to give the human race a new beginning with new ideas and rules of living. In this fight, he has only two companions where the whole present human civilization with its governments and armies are against to him.  

And here starts one man's fight against whole world to give human a new truthful beginning. A fight to bring human in a new Manvantar where the new laws of Manusmriti can be built and the future of human race can run on the purpose for which universe has projected him. See how he fights and succeeds in this fight and what kind of new rules he built according to the projection theory in that new human civilization, after the older one's extinction. Those rules become the manusmriti of the newly projected manvantar.

Projection truth

part 3: future and goal


the next manvantar


The Universal Truth by Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary