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The Universal Truth by Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary

On the first day God started creation, on the second day he created this, on the third day he differentiated this from that, and on the seventh day he went to rest. This is what Western civilization is introduced to. But then this powerful civilization upheld itself with great accuracy through a different path namely ‘science’. The Bible explains existence under the name of ‘creation’. But scientifically speaking, the concept of ‘creation’ doesn’t suit reality because it gives a foolish idea of creation of something from nothing. There was nothing and then suddenly something so massive was created, from a divesting zero. This explanation seems funny and also inappropriate to describe the origin of our universe.

Our universe, which is made up of matter, anti-matter, liquids, gases, vitals and non-vitals, cannot be created from nothing, unless an architect like god had sat there and made everything. But even an architect cannot make something from nothing. He too needs something as a raw material to turn it into a different shape and form. Religious people can say that god had no need of anything and he just said ‘be’ and everything became. But the objects which can say something, the animals, came to existence billions of years later. So what kind of god was there before the existence of universe? We have fantasized him as a human because we have not seen anything superior to human. Now, science proved that the early universe was extremely hot gaseous cloud. It was full of flashes of energy and billions of years after that the human is formed. So, it is better that we understand god in terms of science. The rule of energy conservation says that the amount of energy in the universe is constant, it neither increases nor decreases. It just transforms from one form to another. Something was always there before the origin of the universe. An element, a substance, or energy, whatever we call it but it was later transformed into the massive early universe. And thereafter, the universe expanded into an inflamed balloon by going through different stages one after another. So it is not a sudden creation. It is a transformation of energy from one form to the next form. Creation happened every moment in this journey of transforming phases and it is still going on. It is a process of continuous creations.

Swami Vivekananda, the great saint and philosopher of India in the late 19th century, called this process of continuous transformation ‘projection’. Actually it is an English translation of the Sanskrit word, ‘Srishti’, used for the universe in the Upanishads.

Srishti is generally used to explain the world, universe or existence. But its real meaning is projection of energy from one stage to the next one. Not from one stage to another, it is from one stage to the next one. Vivekananda translated the real meaning of srishti into English and that was the great beginning of the ‘scientification’ of truth. I am trying to give a complete understanding of how that projection happens and with what purpose. I am advancing this theory of ‘projection’ from its definition to its absolute end by adding another phase - ‘expression’.

Creation is continuous at each and every moment. The universe is a result of continuous creation. What the universe was yesterday, it is not today. It is changed and it will be different tomorrow. It seems like the universe is undergoing a journey which is projected to go forward at every cross-section of time. It is running towards something, it is going somewhere. It is a journey. So we have to know what this journey is and where it is projected to go.

Now, let me to take you to my high school years. One day I went to my chemistry teacher to clarify a chemical process I couldn’t understand. I asked my teacher about it. And the teacher gave me a wonderful explanation that helped me understand every process of nature, not only relating to chemistry but social reform too. He said, "My dear, every process in this wide world runs from imbalance to balance." That was enough for me throughout my life.

And it means a lot that anything around us is striving for balance. This is similar to the idea of Aristotle who said that everything in this universe wants to be static. Being static is the same thing as being balanced in this sense. It means that if you give a little push to a glass on a table, with an accuracy that it should not fall down, it will move to its axis. The moment you give a push to the glass, it loses its static state. But the next moment, it starts to move on its axis and that movement rises in an attempt to get the static state back. This is the same case with infections in the body. When the body contracts an infection, it causes a swelling and fever too. Both reactions attempt to get the cells back to their normal stage. The inflammation removes the infected debris and the fever increases body temperature to stop the growth of bacteria. This is very important and fundamental. The moment you create an imbalance in a balanced system, from the very next moment the process to get the original balance back starts, regardless of how big the imbalance is or how much time it takes.

Now with this absolute truth, let us talk about the universe. In 1929, Edwin Hubble observed through his telescope that the distant galaxies of the universe were going away from each other. He stated for the first time that our universe is not static, it is expanding. And if it is expanding today, it must have been a singularity in the past where the whole present universe was encapsulated in a small condensed ball of energy. This ball is called ‘pind of Brahm’ in Upanishads where pind means oval shaped ball and Brahm means energy. Modern science says this ball a singularity. Singularity means a state of energy where the energy is in a single form. There is no second form exists, it is a state of Advait (non–duality). And from that Advait singularity the Bing Bang explosion happened and our universe came to existence.

So now think that the universe was a massive singularity with a static balanced state about 14 billion years ago. Then, due to an unknown reason, the massive balanced object exploded with unimaginable energy. It means an imbalance was created in that balanced state of singularity. The explosion threw out tiny particles of energy with massive speed and the dimensions of time and distance arose. The explosion was too massive that the exploded particles started to increase the boundaries of the universe and inflation started. So if we apply the truth here that any process of existence moves from imbalance to balance, we can say that the journey of the universe, which started with the big Bang explosion, must end in the singularity that existed before the explosion. And since the day of the explosion, all the transitional periods that the universe has passed through till today are in an attempt to gain back the singularity. The universe will end in singularity.

This is also backed by the incidents that have happened after the Big Bang. Soon after the Big Bang, flashes of light or photons were divided into elementary particles called electrons and their anti-particles positrons (an anti-particle is a particle that has properties identical to that of its partner but the charges are different, like the electron has negative charge (-1) and the positron has positive (+1); the rest of the properties, including mass and spin, are the same). Since the universe wanted to go back towards the singularity, the particles started to make mass again to get back the stability in the inflaming universe. Thus the energy projected other tiny particles which were more massive than the electrons and positrons. These particles were the quarks and the anti-quarks.

Different quarks joined together to form protons, anti-protons, neutrons and anti-neutrons (protons and neutrons are not fundamental particles; they are made up of quarks; each contains three quarks). Thus, the nucleus was formed by the proton and the electron started to orbit around the nucleus to make the atom. The atoms combined with each other and formed molecules, molecules combined together to make compounds. Thus, projection started from the beginning of imbalance. It then reached the human race as the most complex compound of the universe via the transitional stages of particle-anti-particle pairs, nucleus, atoms, hydrogen, helium, stars, galaxies, planets and heavy elements such as carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. This then proceeded to the amino acids, bacteria, reptiles and the mammals finally.

During the entire projection, energy (cosmic energy) wanted to unify again in a common balanced state. But the explosion was so massive that the inflation increased day by day. Sometimes, it slowed down and sometimes it accelerated (as it is today), depending on the network of energy. What is this network of energy and why did this explosion happen are the biggest mysteries of the universe which we shall be revealed in this journey.

Energy is constantly trying to get back all the exploded particles into a common singularity. And for that to happen, the challenge is to stop expansion. Whatever forms energy has fabricated during its journey from atom to compounds to the stars and the galaxies and from there to the most advanced human race, the challenge is to slow down expansion and stop it finally.

Thus, two things become very clear from this chapter when we consider the idea of everything wanting to be static or in balance. The first fact is the journey of the universe must end with the same singularity it had before the Big Bang. This theory is called the Big Crunch Theory. So, all the ideas of infinite expansion must be dropped and we must start analyzing the events and rules of physics as the attempts of the universe to become singular again.

Recently, after the confirmation of the Higgs boson breakthrough on July 4, 2012, Peter Higgs, the physicist after whom Higgs boson is named, was asked why the Higgs bosons gave mass to energy and created stars, galaxies and even human beings. Higgs was unable to answer this. This is the thing with physics, it cannot give the answers to the questions of why. And this is because science is not looking at the fact that everything in this universe is trying to be static and creating mass and its larger forms. So, the only answer to ‘why so’ is this: The universe wants to go back towards singularity.

Now, the second and the clearest revelation of this book is the human being’s role in the mission of becoming singular again. In the projection of the universe, the human race is the most advanced and complex form of energy. If a smaller atom is playing its role in the mission, then the human’s role must be in the lead. Modern science has completely ignored human from its theories. And the reason behind it is the partitioned theories and sciences. Modern science has partitioned the truth in small segments. Physics focuses on equations not on the fundamental purpose for which all this is happening.

When Newton invented the laws of gravitation, his understanding of gravity was completely childish. Einstein came forward and explained what gravity is in reality, but the equations Newton gave were completely perfect with this new understanding too. Einstein put forth some new equations about general relativity but he didn’t know what the space-time fabric was. And when I went to a few ‘physicists’ in India to explain my ideas on this, they asked me only one question, "Have you invented any new equation? If you have, then let us talk and if not, your theory doesn’t matter because physics only listens to equations, not understandings and visions."

Chemistry focuses on invention of new elements and chemicals and biology is interested in vaccines and medical inventions. When you fracture the science of existence, which runs in a straight forward line, into tiny fragments, how can you reach the goal? This is how the human being’s role is under-estimated in the big picture of projection. And after the Upanishads, this will be the first time that the human being is considered the central element behind every revelation.

It is completely impossible to assume that the most intelligent and powerful entity of this universal energy, the humans, are projected without any reason or their existence is just an accident. It is not possible at any cost. Basically, as the Vedas say, "Human is a record of every process that happened in this universe till his (human’s) projection." Though Niles Bohr famously stated that we humans are both the actors and the spectators in this universe, modern science has completely ignored man’s role as an actor. And that is why modern science is trapped today from all sides. This happens just because it is trying to know universal energy and is ignoring its most advanced form. This is why Einstein had to say, "The more I studied the universe, the more I believed in a higher power."

So let us look at the history and the journey of physics to know how many attempts it has made to solve this puzzle of how and why we are here. Let’s get the present situation of this misaligned traveler.

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